• ​Substation SAS ,PDS /OSP /ISP/PDMS,Patch cord connectorization, installation and maintenance.
  • OPGW splicing & Testing (Pre installation, post installation ,PM/LS, CD/PMD, End to End test) for OHTL (Over Head Transmission line) and FTTH.
  • Mobily,STC, fiber optic cable splicing & Testing
  • BMS(Building Management system) installation & Testing.
  • CCTV & Security system installation.

Our site installation services include, but are not limited to:

• Indoor & Outdoor Installation – Delivery and assembly (LTE, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, Power and other specialty)

• Cabinet Configuration – Internal card/circuit assembly, installation and cabling (including power and Telco) – all other specialty cabinets

• Cabinet Commissioning of BTS via BTS Manager

• Cabinet Commissioning of BTS via TML and OMT

• BSC Configuration – BTS Translations (object creation) via OMC-r, NMS, OML

• MSC Configuration – BTS Translations (object creation)

• Site call testing and optimization – including integration with surrounding sites/cells

• Power up and bottom kit installation (RF)

• LMU installation including BCCH and GPS antennas

• LMU configuration and integration into existing systems

• LMU site surveys

• Outdoor equipment cabinet installation (Argus, Purcell and similar types)

• Cable and coax support and management

• Installation of H frame-mounted devices

• RF jumper fabrication and connector installation (Andrew, RFS, Eupen, CommScope)

• RF jumper, main-line and antenna sweep and testing using Anritsu S331x sweep gear, DAT sweep files/results provided in CD-ROM

• Antenna and mainline installation and modification

• TMA, Diplexer and Duplexer installation, modification and testing

• MCPA/SCPA installation and integration Power Wave Certified

• Receive multi-coupler devices including the Andrew RX-AIT

• Installation of RET control system (Antenna Remote Electrical Tilt) includes set-up and setting of desired RET parameters

Note: All RF cable installations are performed with calibrated and size-specific torque wrenches (DIN, N, SMA, etc.). Coax preparation performed using manufacturer-specific tools. All RF cabling will be secured via UV resistant tie-wraps or waxed-lace cord if requested.

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