We provide technical training (on/off-the-job) by our highly qualified Trainers.Like many areas of technology, the telecommunications (telcom) field is evolving so rapidly that yesterday’s information could already be obsolete.

This should be a wake-up call for individuals and organizations in the telecom industry: Stay current or fall behind in your business or profession.

With that in mind, Tonex offers more than four dozen telecom-related cutting edge courses to help you stay in the telecom loop as it changes.

We understand that non everyone who needs to know the intricacies of telecommunications is an engineer. That’s why we offer the Telecom Training for Non-Engineers course. Designed with the non-technical professional in mind, this course provides day-to-day examples of the intricacies and competitive landscape of the industry. It also focuses on crucial insights into the fast-changing and dynamic competitive landscape, regulations and impact of new technologies.

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